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If you want to know something, find something or buy something, what do you do?

If you're like most Americans, you go to a search engine, either on your computer, or increasingly you go to a search engine using your mobile phone. 

Making your business appear well in those Search Engine Results is one of the most transformative things any marketing provider can do for your business. 

Whether you are a large New York City company, an Internet Retailer, or a Small Business in Westchester, Search Engine Optimization is probably the most important marketing investment your business can make. Driving traffic to your website is important whether you sell your product on the internet, on Main Street, or on Fifth Avenue. 

The value of advertising can be fleeting, often lasting only as long as the ad is running. The value of effective Search Optimization can pay dividends for months or even years.

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Search Engine Optimization Services:

Google Penguin Safe SEO

  • On-Page Search Optimization
  • Off-Page Search Optimization
  • Crawl Error Resolution
  • Keyword / Key Phrase Research and Analysis
  • Content Marketing Strategy and Implementation
  • Back-link Removal Service

Note: We do not use 'link-building' or 'traffic referral' services. We believe that creating high quality, original and informative content; and making that content easily visible to Google, Bing and Yahoo as they crawl the internet is the key to sustainable Search Engine Marketing.

We only Practice Panda and Penguin Safe SEO. We believe in helping the Search Engines find your high quality content. We do not believe in manipulative SEO practices.

Converting Search Traffic to Sales

Knowing how to get your business to rank well against the right search terms and geography is what our Search Engine Optimization process is all about. Once that traffic sees your listing in a Search Page, once they're on your site, BBG's expert Westchester Marketing Agency team knows how to convert traffic into transactions. Find out how BBG can help your business grow affordably.